Women are not that hard to please especially when it comes to gifts. They generally put more value on the thought or the person giving the present instead of the item itself. Although you are free to give cheap and common items, of course you would want a big smile and surprise on her face by going the extra mile. “Extra mile” doesn’t always mean extra cost. It can be shown by choosing unique, interesting and cool gifts for women like the following.

Gifts According to Price

Here are some examples of cheap, averagely-priced, and expensive gift ideas which you can give a woman.

Handcrafted accessories. The most affordable present you could give is a beautifully handcrafted accessory. It could be a necklace, bracelet, anklet, etc. Those crafted from natural materials usually cost less than $10. If you have time to do it yourself, it’s better.

Camera or phone in cute candy colors. For the moderately-priced gifts, these are usually gadgets like phones and cameras. But to make her camera or phone unique from the rest, you might want to choose the candy colored casings and skins.

Jewelries. If you really want to impress, nothing beats jewelries. These are women’s favorites but are also considered the most expensive gifts.

Fitness and Hobby Gifts

Here are cool gift ideas relating to fitness and women’s hobbies or interests.

Calorie calculator or fitness trackers. Women are always conscious about their figures. Most women watch their diet, their calorie consumption, and fitness activities. The good news is that there are now tiny gadgets like fitness trackers and calorie calculators which could come handy for every girl.

Pet cat, dog, or any other animal. Everybody loves pets especially the cute young animals. Dependent on her favorite animal, you can actually give her a new best friend.

Sporting or adventure gear. If you think men are more adventurous, you are wrong. Majority of women also crave for thrills and activities that trigger adrenaline rush. If she loves hiking and camping, you can give her useful gears and tools for these activities.

Fashion or Clothing Gifts

Of course, fashion and clothing items won’t be absent on the list of ideal gift items for women.

Signature bag. Aside from her fashionable clothes and mobile phone, a woman will never forget about her bag. For the best surprise, you’ll probably want to know her most desired signature bag.

Character or fun slippers. Although they are not meant for fashion shows, she will certainly adore wearing those cute and fun slippers which have character, animal, or unusual designs.

A nice hat. If you will notice, only few women today wear hat as an accessory except during the summer season. If you think she would look more beautiful in a hat or when she loves going to the beach, a nice hat would be a simple yet lovely gift.

The above mentioned ideas are just a few examples of the best and unique gifts that you can give to a woman. You can either base it on your budget, or perhaps, on the items that women would want to have especially on the fashion category.