Isn’t it hard to think of the best present if the person who will receive it literally has everything in life? If he or she has the financial means to buy anything he or she wants, then there’s really few options for you to choose from. Aside from the difficulty in deciding, there’s also the hesitation whether your gift will be appreciated or not. Believe it or not, rich people are not really hard to please and surprise. You just need to tickle their hearts or perhaps, their childish side. Here are sample ideas of gifts for the person who has it all.

Cheap and Easy to Prepare but Priceless Gifts

Here are some gift ideas which are relatively cheap to buy or things you can easily prepare.

Personalized greeting cardBecause of the internet, only few people now prepare and send greeting cards. Try giving it to him/her and your card will be kept and cherished.

A compilation of his or her favorite musicRich or poor have their own favorite genres of music. Spend extra time researching and downloading his or her favorite tracks and artists. You might also want to make an addition to his/her existing playlist or collection.

Home cooked mealIf you or anyone in the family is good at cooking, you can actually prepare the family’s best and favorite recipe and present it as your gift. It can provide a new food experience other than those ordered from restaurants.

Unique Material Gifts

Now here are some of the fun and interesting items which he or she might not have yet.

Framed sketch or painting of him/herselfYou don’t have to personally do the sketching or drawing, there are now art shops that offer this type of service. It would be a great addition to his or her collection of painting and portraits.

Mini 3D print of his or her cartoon versionA fun idea would be to transform his or her photo into a cartoon version then it could be 3D printed into a mini figure. It’s an interesting display at home or the office.

Uncommon gadgetSearch for tools which can do extra and uncommon things or perhaps, gadgets which can function in a different way from its looks. Gun lighters, key chains which also serve as USBs and fruit-shaped notepads are examples.

Experience Gifts

Finally there’s the intangible gift category. The value of the gift is actually the fun factor or simply personal experience.

A day at the amusement parkExcept for children, teens, and young adults, you will seldom see rich people especially corporate executives trying those common thrill rides at the amusement park. If you are successful in convincing him or her, it will be a fun-filled adventure.

Enroll him or her in a dance or fitness classBecause majority of the well-off individuals are either busy at work or in business, they often don’t have time for physical fitness. You can enroll yourselves in a weekend dance or fitness class for an enjoying fitness experience.

Spa, relaxation, or vacation treatRelated to the idea of relaxation, you can treat him or her to the spa or perhaps, on a trip or vacation. You might want to consider places he or she hasn’t visited before.

Although the gift is intended for the rich, you don’t actually need to spend a fortune to please the person as can be proved by the abovementioned list.